A New Low: Fraudsters “Trick” Would-Be Renters. Freddie Mac Responds

Rental Fraud

There is a terrifying new form of theft. Thieves (fraudsters just sounds too mild) post rental listings of homes that are in foreclosure, get a rental commitment and secure a deposit as well as potentially limitless amounts of personal credit information from the unsuspecting would-be renter.

The scam is a little hard to explain, so don’t feel bad if you’re not tracking. I recommend you quickly follow the link below to read Freddie Mac’s warning and the EASY ways you can protect your money and your identity when searching for a rental online.

Read it and protect yourself or people you know who are looking for rentals online.

Thankfully I haven’t heard of this happening in Aberdeen, but we’re not immune. It’s a brave new world of financial and identity theft out there.