Ring in the new Year by Adding Value to Your Home

Good news from Remodeling.com at the publication of 2013’s Cost versus Value Report (link hereCost Versus Value South Dakota).

“After six years without any sign of improvement, REMODELING’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report shows an overall cost-value ratio increase of 2.9% over the 2011-2012 number. This reflects rises in the cost-recouped percentages for all 35 home improvement projects tracked by the report, with replacement projects leading the way with the biggest gains.”

If you haven’t heard of the cost versus value report, it’s an excellent way to help you make a decision about home improvements. It weighs the cost of a project (roof, siding, bathroom remodel, that kind of thing) over and against the return on your investment when you sell.

When it comes to overall value, some projects give you a lot more bang for your buck.

“This year’s Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report shows the value of putting your home’s best façade forward, so to speak,” said National Association of REALTORS® President Moe Veissi. “Inexpensive exterior replacement projects are not only crucial to a home’s regular upkeep, but are also expected to recoup close to 70 percent of costs. Specific exterior projects such as siding, window and door replacements are part of regular home maintenance, so many homeowners are already undertaking them. These projects also do not require expensive materials and they have the added bonus of instantly adding curb appeal.”

Here is the link for those reports that our region falls in (Aberdeen, SD), with Fargo ND being the closest market and Sioux Falls, SD being the closest in state.