Get the Most Bang for Your Remodeling Buck

The newest Cost versus Value report  is out. Boy, adding an attic bedroom is a great way to recoup remodeling dollars (at the national level)! Is that what you’d think would be near the top of the list?  Let’s assume this is because it’s much cheaper than adding on and it retains the home’s original look and feel.

Cost versus ValueTake a look at the cost recouped for remodeling projects the Sioux Falls area and, if you’re curious, compare them to the numbers for Fargo. For example, the cost recouped on a basement remodel is %55.5 in Sioux Falls is whereas it’s 66.2%  in Fargo.

Without remodeling numbers that are unique to Aberdeen, it’s safe to say that you need to have a budget for your remodeling job that is discussed with a local contractor. You can use these numbers to compare and contrast labor costs (your contractor should be familiar with them), but count on a lot of variation.