Get off the Fence About Buying a Home

House_BuyingDaily Worth, which offers financial and lifestyle advice to women “who want more” (and not just more money) recently had an excellent post about why it’s time to get off the fence about buying real estate.

I like the article because it is such a nice, succinct summary of those arguments for taking the leap now. Namely…

  • Mortgage rates are rising.
  • Inventory is decreasing.
  • Home prices are increasing.
  • Competition is more intense.

I want to expand on the first bullet point. Mortgage rates, while still low compared to where they were even six years ago, just reached a two year high! 

And in Aberdeen competition is always intense. So I’m not just sounding like your typical Realtor when I suggest that you get in touch and at least set up a search so together we can start looking for your perfect home, get you pre-qualified and ready to pull the trigger while conditions are still favorable.

Read the full article here (and those female reader friends of mine who are entrepreneurs or small business owners or just want to stay financially savvy, take a closer look at DailyWorth).